I think I have a gas leak, how can I be sure ?

As a licenced gas contractor it is our duty to inform any client of a gas leak as this can be a very dangerous situation. We can test the whole gas service quite easily with a specialised gas manifold and monometer. We will be able to identify the area of the leak and generally pin point the leak. We always want our clients to get value for money so if an old galv service is present we will give a free quote. You can then make a informed decision as to how you want us to proceed.

My shower is leaking, I have replaced the washers but its still leaks ?

When we service any fixture we always replace all perishable materials with quality products we know and trust, there are a lot of different tap washers on the market and a lot of them are not designed to be effective or last. We have perfected the art of tap servicing and use only the best quality o-rings, fibre washes and brass washers on the market. We also always reseat the seat inside the tap fitting to ensure a smooth water tight seal every time with our specialised tap reseating tool.

I think my shower is leaking, what can I do ?

This is a very common problem and could be one of two things or both. We can conduct a breecher test which involves a test gauge and we can either pin point that the breecher is faulty and leaking or is sound. We can also inspect the shower base and tile grout for signs of water penetrating the water proofing and causing water damage. Both these problems are easily fixed and we will be happy to give you a free quote.

I've got a water hammer, what can I do ?

A water hammer (the hammering noise) is actually the symptom of the problem. The main cause of a water hammer is a fast closing valve, eg. washing machine closing quickly and sending a shock wave back though the pipe work. Contributing factors are high water pressure, easily fixed with a pressure reducing device, and unsecured pipe work. We are great at problem solving and give our clients cost effective solutions.

We are looking at installing gas on our property, how do we go about it ?

First you need to contact a gas supplier, I suggest you shop around to find the best deal. They will conduct a site visit and give you a gas meter location. You can then give us a call to meet you on site and prepare a free quote for you to install your new gas main from the gas meter to feed at least one gas appliance. After the gas main is completed APA will run a gas line into your property and install the gas meter.

We have blocked sewer drains, what could cause this ?

Generally the main cause of blocked drains are tree roots getting into old urban ware drains or connections of urban ware to PVC.The only way to effectively cut these out is with a mechanical drain machine. At The Plumb King we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best job possible and we always rod the drain from both ends, from upstream and from the government connection. We also always conduct a paper test to ensure the drain is running clear. We conduct drain cleans for $99 fix price.

We are looking at upgrading our bathroom, can you complete the whole contract ?

We work very closely with a number of builders, electricians, tilers and painters. Working as a team and we can complete any projects including kitchen installations and extensions with ease. So the answer is yes we can complete the whole project or just the plumbing. We can give you a quote on both options.

We are looking at a new hot water service, what do you recommend ?

There are many different brands in the market and it basically depends on your budget. Rennai and Bosch have been available for many years, they are tried and tested brands. There are less expensive brands available and all of this information can be found on our PDFs. We are happy to discuss our recommendation tailored to your specific need upon quoting our service. We provide free quotes and offer a same day hot water service. We also offer credit card facilities so you have time to pay it off.